Welcome to Optimum Herbal Extracts Pvt Ltd

Our Manufacturing Facilities are well equipped with state-of-the-art modern machineries, extractors & advanced processing unit in complaint to GMP guidelines. Our highly advanced manufacturing facilities are accomplished to produce large volumes of high quality natural extracts. Extracts are concentrated at low temperatures, to ensure the active ingredients retain their natural characteristics. Weemploy highly trained & experienced professionals to carry out the daily production. Some of our commonly used machineries as below:


High- Tech Filters.


Solvent Distillation Units

Spray dryers

Automated Packaging Units


All operations are carried out using pre- programmed technology, to minimize physical handling. It ensures the consistency of every batch, reproducibility & avoids contamination. Our GMP Herbal Extraction Plant has following features:

Manufacturing plants are designed as per GMP Norms

Pre- Programmed technology for consistent production

Extractors Capacity range from: 200 - 2000 liters

Production of highly standardized Botanical extracts

Customized granulation, Sound Technical Assistance & Custom Blends

Full power back up, Effluent treatment plant, air and water treatment units

Ensures an eco-friendly environment

Research & Development

Optimum Herbal Extracts are well equipped with high-tech instruments and technology which includes High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Gas chromatography (GC) and Ultra Violet spectrometers (UV). Our highly skilled bio-chemist periodically monitors, update extraction processes & develop new products at short time frame. Samples are randomly analysed to ensure 100% quality standards & validated based on EUP, USP, BP& JP. Microbiology lab ensures the final product complies with US FDA BAM standards.

Optimum Herbal Extracts understands the developing technical needs & specific herbal requirements of our Global clients. R&D scientist personal support our clients on Specification- guided analytical testing, Active ingredients verification & information on our raw materials.